The Practice

I created Embodied Balance in an effort to solidify my practice of working with clients towards reaching their unique health and wellness goals. 


I utilize the Pilates method and equipment alongside an extensive embodied knowledge, honed from my own training and work as a professional dancer, to create a space where clients are able to dive into this practice at any level and feel the improvement in their bodies!

The Philosophy


I believe that movement can act as medicine for each and everyone one of us. Our modern culture so often puts us in stagnant positions, leading us to develop bad postural habits that put huge strain on our bodies.  We are meant to engage in a wide array of movements, from basic to complex exercises, and we need to do so in order to live in a balanced way.  

Regardless of your age, gender or previous experience, Pilates, with the right instruction, can act as a wonderful tool to reinvest in yourself and begin again to build towards an Embodied Balance.